A fitness and wellness mobile app with a passionate monthly user base of 5,000+
Increased by 51%
Retention Rate
Reduced by 68%
Churn Rate
From 1,241 to 2,543
Daily Active Users

Project Summary

Eat to Perform is a fitness and health app with a stellar and strong community. We were asked to design a new mobile app experience for their users that helped them track their macros, weight, and activity. They also need to manually update these metrics, see their progress over time, as well as be able to engage with their coach. This all needed to be accomplished in a cohesive manner that followed current UX and design trends and was also simple and intuitive so they can continue to grow their user base

Project Details

Team :

Design Lead
(worked with CEO, Engineering Dir., Support Dir.)

Duration :

3 months

Tools :



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Solution Image

Fidelity Concepts

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Concept Image

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Concept Image
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Primary Challenges

1. Lack of IA and intuitive navigation
2. Lack of clarity of available data as well as duplication
3. Needed better self service and UX to reduce support calls and user attrition
4. Frequently repeated tasks were often cumbersome and needed to be quicker and easier while still being accurate
Problem Tab Image

Current State Design Analysis

Their current app left much to be desired both from an aesthetics and usability perspective. I began by performing an analysis and loose heuristics of each page. We desperately needed to modernize the UI to have better affordances, IA, and visual cues throughout.

Research Image

Home Screen

Research Image

Weekly Totals

Research Image

Main Menu

Competitive Analysis

I took a look at some of the current offerings on the market to see what they did with their apps as well as looked at their UI/UX.

User Personas


Casual User

"I just want to keep track of my basic healthy stats and body conditions."


Take small steps to lose or maintain weight and stay fit.


Dislikes exercise
Needs reminders to eat healthier
Can't keep track of progress



"I love going to the gym and my fitness is one of my top priorities."


Improve workout quality and intensity over time for professional training.


Trouble fitting work-out times between busy schedules
Unsure if he/she is making actual gains

Sample Task Flow for Bill

Below is a user task flow after interviews with several customers on how they interacted with their Nike Fuelbands or similar devices. This helped us understand the user's needs as well as prioritize which features and screens should be the most readily available.

Design System and Style

We created a design system that would not only build the consistency but also save time for the client as they build new features. This will improve the overall process and experience for the website.

Design Image
Design Image
Design Image

Early Sketch Collaboration

After defining some basic requirements and workflows I worked with the director of support and engineering on collaborating on some early sketches.

Design System Examples

We created a design system that would not only build the consistency but also save time for the client as they build new features. This will improve the overall process and experience for the app.

Mobile Screens

These are the final screens delivered to the client. You'll see immense improvement on the ability to move around in the application, modernized data visualizations, and improved discoverability for the main tasks/pages the user needs to access in the app.

Case Page Image


Case Page Image

Plan & Pricing

Case Page Image


Case Page Image


Case Page Image


Case Page Image

Contact Us

Measuring and Validating Designs

We conducted internal research with services and support staff who well understood end user painpoints and frustrations.

The flow was found to be way more intuitive.

Direct customer quote "I'm so happy that I can add macros from the main screen now!"

Users responded with excitement about the UI updates but also had a positive response to UX issues we solved for and this decreased app churn.

Users felt that the visuals and data were much clearer and useful.

Results and Reflection

Key Results

Retention Rate: Increased by 51%

Churn rate: Reduced by 68%

Daily Active Users: From 1,241 to 2,543

Ultimately I'm very proud of the work that we did on this application. We took a very dated app and a disjointed and broken experience and we improved it in every way. We created more informative infographics, we streamlined the process for adding and maintaining data, and we created a frictionless and intuitive workflow.