Visual Messaging 

A visual canvas concept for collaborating, building, and sending marketing campaigns.


My Role: Email Lead UX Designer

Others on project: Campaign Canvas Lead Designer, Product Owners for Email and Campaign Canvas, Researchers across both products, and Technical Leads across both projects

Targeted Personas: Karen and Trisha (marketing manager and director)


Never released to GA.

Our users want to have a central place to plan and execute campaigns across multiple channels and this gives them that.

Dual Track Discovery

The Four Key Questions

1. Will they buy/use it? (valuable)
2. Can they use it? (usable)
3. Can we build it? (feasible - build)
4. Will stakeholders support it? (feasible – buy)

Discovery Life Cycle

Dual Track Process

Discovery Process Principles


The idea is stated as a problem and a hypothesis instead of a solution


The business outcomes are stated at the beginning and are the entire FOCUS of Discovery


We test our ideas to identify the solution that is valuable, usable and feasible

Visual Messaging Framework Problem/Hypothesis/Testing


  • We provide a lot of flexibility for configuring multiple sending properties across various messaging channels. But with tremendous flexibility comes great pain and potential send-time errors.
  • Marketers will configure the same properties over and over again while having to endure the workload of a long list of properties.


  • Provide Karen or Trisha a flexible messaging interface that allows configuration of all levels of admin (full to none) to meet the needs of most use cases.
  • Having a consistent framework across multiple messaging channels will reduce errors and increase efficiency

What are we testing?

  • What level of framework/default values/templating best suits the customer’s organization/workflows?
  • What functionality should the messaging framework provide? Default settings?
    Property editability?


Design Concepts

There was already some previous work to borrow from for the canvas and then we applied Lightning Design System to our current messaging workflows to move into this high fidelity mock up pretty quickly.

Measuring and validating designs

We conducted moderated research sessions with users. Responses were generally positive but due to a variety of factors outside of our control this project got shelved.

- Users really appreciated having a central place to plan marketing campaigns and would often compare it more traditional mood boards used in physical marketing
- There was change aversion around introducing a new tool when people were used to how they created and sent messages today. They liked having a central place to do this, but not everyone was convinced that a canvas experience was necessary to enable the visibility and collaboration users desired.
- People liked seeing a unified approach to the messaging workflows across channels.
- It was unclear if the canvas and card approach was as intuitive as a more traditional user interface with menus, buttons, etc.