What I'm doing when I'm not designing


I have two wild, creative, intelligent, and wonderful kiddos. Rowan is 4 and Nola is 8. All of this is for them.

Working with my hands

I'm often working on something around the house when I'm not designing. This project was a bathroom remodel with a new tub and tile surround among other things.

Film and TV

I have an insatiable curiosity about the world around me. Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to travel everywhere I want to go or talk to everyone I'd like to meet but I find films, documentaries, and TV shows help me broaden my perspective and empathize with experiences I would otherwise never have.


Food is another creative outlet to me and one where I'm constantly trying to learn from others. If I had to pick one cuisine as a favorite it would have to be Latin American/Mexican.

Want to hire me?

Want to hire me?

I'm currently looking for my next role and would love to hear from you!

Phil Schroeder // Copyright © 2024

Phil Schroeder // Copyright © 2024